The Absolute Beginner Class will set a firm foundation for a successful new hobby, skill or career. 
 "Teach Me to Sew" will take the time to teach you what you'll need to learn.  

Sew, if you have next to no experience or lacking experience in sewing,
you won't be disappointed in what "Teach Me to Sew" will offer!

You won't regret any step in the "Teach Me to Sew'" Absolute Beginner Classes, and
you'll walk away from a "Teach Me to Sew" Class comfortable with your machine.

Even if you can't cook, you can add finishing touches to a meal with a sewing machine, you can cook up placemats, tablecloths, chair shrugs and pads, napkins, napkin holders and the drapery too!

You can construct an entire bedroom set with a sewing machine, if you can dream it, you can construct it with a sewing machine, no sawdust, hammering or drilling necessary.

Need a gift in a pinch, with a sewing machine the possibilities are endless and you won't need to leave the house for anything including fabric.  Turn something old into something new.  If you have an old shirt or sweater you have pillows, purses or totes, scarves, hats, toys, etc. etc. etc.

Everyone has a hobby except you! Not anymore, with a sewing machine you can create almost, and I mean almost anything.  Start off with  small projects to share, whatever gets the greatest accolades might be the begining of new hobby. Here are some ideas: Bicycle pouches, dog clothing, stadium pillows just to mention a few. 

and speaking of your pet, tired of paying out the nose for petwear?
 With a sewing machine you can crank out you own line of puppywear. 

Too small or too tall, a sewing machine can solve that problem too!

sewing machine can be incorporated into an assortment of other hobbies such as, wood working, fishing, hunting, camping, knitting, automobiles, dolls, electronics, carpentry, crochet, cooking, sports, crafting, art, home decorating, clothing design and let's not forget scrapbooking and this is just to name a few hobbies. 

Think about how many things you touch throughout the day which took a sewing machine to create!

If "they" can do it, so can you!
It's ok if your sewing machine tool is still in the box! 
Bring it in to class and we can open it together.


"Learning to Sew is an Investment in You, with a lifetime of rewards"!
teach me to sew
teaching me to sew
teach me 2 sew